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Thinking is a joint collaboration in which participating members of Sculpture Cymru have taken a common element, a square box, in which they have used the internal space to create a work with the title ‘Thinking’(a mild pun around the expression ‘thinking outside the box'). The confines of the box interior and the constraints of dimensions have forced the sculptors to work in unfamiliar territory. That said, the individual sculptures have the unmistakeable identity of the artist and the reaction to, and the interpretation of the spaces is as varied as it is similar. All pieces invite thoughtful contemplation and, of course, pose the question - ‘What were they thinking’?

Thinking has been on exhibition at Mid Wales Arts Centre - 2018 Bleddfa Arts Centre - 2018 Gorwellian Centre - 2019
Aberystwyth Arts Centre - 2020


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She didn't fit in the Box 
Mandy Lane
Thought Process 2 
Glenn Morris
A study for a contemporary Calvaire 
Paul Kincaid
Displacement 1 
Alison Lochhead
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