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Lyndon Mably
I am a Welsh Artist using materials in my art reflecting our industrial heritage. Metal is my primary material - steel, cast iron or occasionally bronze.

I am experienced in participative community involvement and have worked in communities and taught in schools throughout South Wales.

My Cast Iron work is an exploration of chance and choice - the meeting point of the artistic impulse and the random event. This work is a demonstration of the point at which the artist’s hand is removed to allow chance in creativity. There can be no denying the hand and the eye of the artist in making art. Without the artist, there is no art; random acts are just random acts. My work is designed to make a drawing using molten iron onto a support; however the precise form that each drawing takes once it enters the apparatus is not controlled and is allowed to form its own shape.


Top left: Kidswelly Castle
Top right: Bread of Heaven - performance
Bottom: Bread of Heaven
I continue this exploration in mould making, allowing some degree of control in the starting form and then allowing the ‘Chance’ element to have final say in the finished piece. I am drawn to the performative nature and process of sculptural cast iron pours because of the camaraderie, thrill of danger, heat, flame and smoke. The product of my work is designed to show the heat, flame and adrenaline of this process, and also the beauty and grace of molten iron.