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welsh dragon

Carmarthen based sculptor Lee Odishow treats his work as a form of play, exploring forms and objects with a view to combining them. Nature and the man-made are his most recurrent themes and he likes to ‘capture’ these elements using bronze and iron.

Current work has involved traditional modelling with the figure becoming more prevalent. Through the casting processes he can document and preserve the objects that he finds, acquires or creates. In a way Odishow is trying to enhance or highlight the inherent beauty and complexities found within the world around us.


Following an invitation, Odishow’s winning Welsh dragon design was chosen to be produced in bronze for the Welsh Memorial in Flanders, Ypres. The impressive creature stands at 6ft. tall on top of an imposing cromlech with the overall monument reaching 12ft. high.


The memorial commemorates all those of Welsh descent who were involved in World War One. The prestigious unveiling in 2014 marked the centenary of the start of the War and the final piece sits on what was once the frontline during the battle of Pilkem Ridge.


“..it is such an honour to have my work representing Wales” – Lee Odishow






Above: Welsh Memorial Dragon
Top Right: Rupert Thorneloe
Right: Bronze Crab

Lee Odishow is open to discussing commissions and sales. More work can be seen at: www.odishow.blogspot.com and contact can be made via e-mail: leeodishow@outlook.com