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Barcode Sculpture
Nine members of Sculpture Cymru have made artworks in response to the National Botanic Garden of Wales International Barcode for Life Project. Work is on show at the Garden until late September 2015.

Mae naw Aelodau Sculpture Cymru yn gwneud gwaith celf mewn ymateb i Ardd Fotaneg Genedlaethol Cymru Rhyngwladol bar ar gyfer prosiect bywyd. Mae gwaith ar sioe yn yr ardd tan ddiwedd mis Medi 2015.

Supported by ACW, Welsh Government, National Lottery, Brecknock Art Trust, Sculpture Cymru, The National Botanic Garden of Wales

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kevin barcode
kincaid barcode
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dilys barcode
tread gently
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 Finding Flowers - Mandy Lane
Spiked Pollen Form - Dilys Jackson
Invisible Element - Kevin Blockley
Text -
Antonia Spowers
Tread Gently - Sarah Tombs
Herba Musica - John Howes
Tree of Life - Paul Kincaid
Replication Fork - Lyndon Mably
Osmunda - living fossil
Glenn Morris
spowers barcode
lyndon barcode
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