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Sculpture Cymru was formed in 2000 in response to Association of Sculpteurs Bretagne's wish to create exchange exhibitions with artists in Wales. Since its inception it has gone from strength to strength with something like 30 sculptors from Wales and 60 from Brittany, plus some from Ireland, Cornwall and Catalunya, having taken part in these exchange activities.

Following on from this early work, the Group began to focus its energies within Wales by organising exhibitions and demonstrations at venues such as Margam Park South Wales, National Botanic Garden of Wales and Picton Castle West Wales. These events have helped to raise the profile significantly of the Group and consequently Sculpture Cymru is now being approached to develop and manage visual art projects. In recent years the Group has worked with Cadw (Welsh Government’s historic environment service), The National Trust, Groundwork Trust, Strata Florida Project, The International Iron Conference as well as having a permanent exhibition space at the Mid Wales Arts Centre.

Sculpture Cymru is now included in the strategies of both Cadw and Strata Florida Project.


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